Who is Dr. Tonya?

My Story

Who is the woman behind the Million Dollar Blueprint?

Dr. Tonya, a 4th generation business owner, has always been a hustler. As a military Veteran and dependent, money was often tight in the household, so she had to find creative ways to increase the family’s cashflow. Dr. Tonya used continual education and other ways to earn more funds for her family.

For example, she self-published her first book in 2004.

In 2009, she started doing FREE business & grant writing workshops in various cities so that she could meet new people and connect with potential clients. Through hard work, word-of- mouth, and diligence, she grew her busines.

More clients began to hire Conglomerate Empowerment, because they became known as a company that delivered superior business services.

CGE’s Receipts

Since Covid-19, Dr. Tonya and her Dynamic team have helped dozens (and counting) of individuals start new businesses for FREE!
During Covid-19, Dr. Tonya and her Dynamic team have helped her clients secure $40K+ (and counting) for their businesses.
With Pleasure, Dr. Tonya and her Dynamic team hosted a FREE “Secure Your Own Bag” virtual summit where over 2500 (and counting) listeners tuned in!
For over a decade, the CGE Power team has written grants/proposals, helped people establish 100s of businesses, assisted in 501c3 applications (to date 100% success rate), and the list goes on. All of this was done without an email list or online marketing. Dr. Tonya started social media in 2019.
In 2009, Dr. Tonya would meet clients face-to-face when she drove or flew to Small Business Seminars she hosted. Today, she and the CGE Power team meet EACH new client on Zoom or Skype.

Yes, the existence of Covid-19 may have changed how owners conduct business.

However, Dr. Tonya is excited about the CGE Journey to Million Dollar Grants Blueprint, because it has been designed to help businesses that been adversely effected by the pandemic pivot into new arenas of profitability.

Dr. Tonya knows first-hand about hard times and money struggles. In 2009, she leaped into business because she was facing the possibility of a divorce and loss of financial support from her spouse. She knew that she needed to develop a strategy that led to financial independence. One morning, she woke up and her personal account was in the red, and she DID EXACTLY WHAT SHE HAS SHARED in her mini-business plan course to manifest money. By afternoon, she had earned her first $250 check for a service she sold.

BTW- Today, Dr. Tonya and husband are better than ever in their relationship. And, yes, Dr. Tonya is financially independent.

Dr. Tonya believes that every woman is Valuable.

Dr. Tonya is a woman of faith, a wife, a Mom, friend, and a PROUD NANA who just happens to manage the best worldwide team and online global entity.

Travel, cooking, and business research are Dr. Tonya’s favorite hobbies. Also, she loves conscientious rap and deep down inside, she is a celebrity singer in the shower, lol

Boldness is how Dr. Tonya describes her business.

In the past, Dr. Tonya’s target customers were broad. For instance, she has worked with people who were 19 years old to retirees. Really, she thinks it is her honesty and passion for inspiring women that draws people to her.

After clients’ discovery calls, many have told her “you make me feel like I need to leap over a wall or I want to get started on building my dreams right now.”

Dr. Tonya hopes that all who hire CGE will feel less stressed and say “Wow! This was God-sent. I got just what I needed to grow or fix my business problem.”