For 10+ years, we have networked in business. You have remained dedicated and devoted to helping Entrepreneurs establish their businesses. I am grateful for the recent time you spent reviewing my business objectives and recommending strategies for achieving them (like introducing new and improved marketing and networking resources that’s successful in the Virtual world). Thank you for encouraging, motivating, and mentoring. Looking forward to the future as our networks and businesses grow.


Tonya has been amazing. She has really helped me believe that I can achieve my goals and made it very easy to take the steps to do so. Before I met Tonya, I wasn’t exactly sure where to start or how to value myself as a business. Tonya has shown me how to bring my skills to light and has kept me accountable for following the steps to build my business. Tonya’s energy is amazing and I look forward to continue working with her.”

Burn Your Business Plan Course Student

Dr. Tonya assisted me with business development and obtaining my LLC. She is so awesome at what she does! I enjoyed every minute of learning from her, as well as, going through the necessary steps to level up in my business. She is a great
The Abundance Builder, LLC

Meeting you Dr. Tonya and other open-minded people on my journey gave me inspiration and the tools (i.e., positive attitude) that I needed to grow a successful business and improve client relations. As my Instructor, you encouraged me to look inside of myself and I was able to recognize my strengths and weaknesses. In your class, you allowed us to express ourselves & to be who we were. Because of this, I was able to write essays freely. Those essays turned into poems. Now those poems have turned into 2 published books (King of The Jungle & Tears of A Primate). My children’s book “King of The Jungle” became a best-seller for two weeks on Amazon. Then, in 2017, I re-launched my clothing-line. Both businesses are doing well.

Author & Fashion Designer

I want to thank you for inspiring me to start my Virtual Assistant business. Before I met you, I wasn’t quite sure how to go about pursuing this endeavor, but your insight and in-depth knowledge of business development helped me get started in the right direction! Now my business is growing more and more everyday, and I appreciate how hands on you were to help me accomplish my goals! Thank you again and I look forward to working together again in the future!

CRM Support & Social Media Management (Personal Virtual Assistant)

The experience was truly wonderful. Did not take long. Very understandable and helpful with any questions I had. Most of all affordable. Truly grateful for CGE… Mrs. Blackmon is a true woman of God and loves what she does.
Natasha Moore

Since 2008, I have kept in contact with Dr. Tonya. When I was thinking about furthering my education, she inspired me to keep going. I have completed a bachelor’s and a Master’s programs with the Highest Honors. She has given me encouraging words that motivated me to keep pressing forward throughout my journey. Now, I am currently weighing my options on starting my doctorate degree, I know that she will support me throughout the process.

MBA, BSBA Administrator & Notary Public

If you’re starting a new business, I highly recommend you contact Conglomerate Empowerment. You can get info on resources for startups; such as, business development, grants and other funding. Great reputation for getting things done!


Dr. Blackmon is a very knowledgeable and professional businesswoman who is well-rounded in many aspects of building a new business and helping it escalate into a profitable company.


Dr Tonya is absolutely amazing… She’s definitely a woman of God… I couldn’t have asked for a better person to be on this journey with me…. she’s very professional encouraging and help you reach your goal…. I thank God for her… she’s a blessing
Tenesa Mobley